Name: Xaar Solvent Inks
Code: SICT-DP-X101
Spec: 5Liter/Bottle: 1 Galon/Bottle
Class: Normal Inks > Solvent Inks
Info: Focus: Stable quality,and Good colors

        SuperImageTM XAAR SOLVENT INKS

SICT-DP-X101 Xaar Solvent Inks
Compatibility list: Xaar 128-200dpi
Printers list: DGI, Scitex,Infinite, MeiJie,Wit-Color,Gongzheng,Skyship,Liyu,Arizona,Graphtec,....
SICT-DP-X101 ink for vivid colors, more bright, and more brilliant. Outdoor Warranty 12months
Raw Materials Grade: Home-made pigment, resin, color materials and solvent used.

■ UV resistance superior or equal to similar products as shown by UV fading test.
■ High climate-resistant and outdoor warranty(More than 24 months).
■ Precision filtration warrants clogging-free operation.
■ Several color matching sets producing accurate colors and wide gamut.
■ Faster drying giving improved productivity.
■ Safe solvent for a better environment.
Solvent types    Environment-friendly ESTER
Light fastness    7-8*
Smell    smell slightly
PH    6.5-7.5
Viscosity    8-15cp
Surface tension     20-40mN/m
Filter precision    <0.2microns
Optical density     >=1.3




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