Name: Stainless Steel Protective Films
Code: SI-FP-PE1004#
Spec: 1roll/carton
Class: SuperFilms > Protective films
Info: Ref.:0.4USD/sq.meter

Stainless steel Protective Films
Metal Protective Films

No glue and Ultra low adhesive without removing residues, high performance PE stainless steel Protection Film.
The main function is to prevent the being protected products from contamination, corrosion, scratches in the production, processing, transportation, storage and use of the process. and it can protect the original smooth glossy surface, thereby improving the quality and competitiveness of products.

The shown price is only for sq.meter, only as a reference.

Brand Name: SuperImage

Origial of Certification: Made In China
Country of Origin Main Raw Materials: Japan & USA

Certifications & Standards:

Top quality, Wide applicability, with RoHS standard & EN71 Safety Certification.
No odor, Really enironmental-friendly stainless steel Protective Film,ISO9001-9002 Standard

Main Points:

1). Excellent automotive protection Function..
2). Widely used in for protecting the stainless steel  and metail materials and some products made of stainless steel  or other metal
3). High performance anti-rub environment-friendly types.
4). No harmful to body.
5). Consistent quality & reputation.
6). Suitable for the sticking by a machine, or by manul.
7). No glue or ultra low adhesive without removing residue for option for the different request for the different protection time and protection surface.
8). Wide cooperation with aluminum/stainless steel sheets, boards, or extrusions.

Quality Warranty:
SuperImage affords full quality warranty for our  stainless steel Protective Film.
For any inferior quality products or loss caused by inferior quality protective films products, SuperImage
Will be responsible for products-changing, returning and replacements delivery, as well as related compensation.
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