Name: Silage Film Grass Wrapping Films
Code: SI-FP-PE1007#
Spec: 25u*25cm*1800m
Class: SuperFilms > Package films
Info: Ref.:24.98USD/Roll

Silage Films
Grass Wrapping Films

Silage membrane as the world's good silage technology packaging products, in Europe, America, Australia and other countries and regions have been widely used and more than 10 years of mature experience, the company usually has three colors to choose from: White, black and green; there is no significant difference in the quality and storage time of the forage film of the three colors. The white film reflects more heat than the black film, which can reduce the heat damage and the green film has less visual stimulation.
Characteristics of herbage Film.
1).Silage film has a sticky surface and good adhesion between layers. The packaging is impervious to oxygen and impermeable to form an internal anaerobic environment.
2).Silage film has sufficient strength, including: tensile strength, tearing strength and puncture resistance. To ensure that the herbage silage process is not damaged, maintain anaerobic environment.
3).membrane soft, low temperature, cold environment is not crisp, frozen crack.
4).Film Opaque, ensure low transmittance, and avoid heat accumulation.
5).Long service life, packaged bales can be stored in the field for 1-2 years.
6).Can produce a variety of color, thickness, width according to customer requirements.

The advantage of silage films:
1. Grass silage film investment Less, quick results, high comprehensive benefits.
2. Forage silage film can reduce the loss of feed and waste, greatly reducing the loss of moldy feed and feeding loss. The traditional silage storage method can cause loss of up to 20%-30%.
3. Forage silage film can prolong the shelf life of forage. As long as the packing steps are strictly adhered to, the compaction seal is good, the silage can not be affected by season, sun, rain and ground water level, in the open-air environment for more than 2-3 years.
4. Forage silage film wrapped in the quality of silage. Because of the good sealing property of the tensile film wrapped silage, the quality of anaerobic fermentation environment of lactic acid bacteria is improved, the nutritive value of the feed is improved, the crude protein content of feed is high, the crude fiber content is low, the digestibility is high, palatability is good, the odor is fragrant, and then the quality and
5. The silage package of forage silage is easy to store and easy to feed. Forage package suitable, small size, high density, easy to transport and commercialization, to ensure the large and medium-sized dairy cattle farms, cattle farms, goat farms, farmers and other modern livestock silage balanced supply and perennial use.
6. Forage silage film from recyclable plastic materials processing, environmental pollution-free, and two times recycled use.

The shown price is only for 1 roll,25u*25cm*1800m rolls, only as a ref.
Usually the specification of 1 roll is:
Thickness: 25um
Width: 25cm
Linear Length: 1800m

Brand Name: SuperImage
Origial of Certification: Made In China
Country of Origin Main Raw Materials: Japan & USA
Certifications & Standards:
Top quality, Wide applicability, with RoHS standard & EN71 Safety Certification.
No odor, Really enironmental-friendly PE stretch film,ISO9001-9002 Standard

Main Points:
1). Silage grass film: With good mechanical properties, high temperature and low temperature resistance, even in the open air storage, can maintain mechanical properties in more than 2-3 years.
2). Silage grass Film: Good tensile properties, good elongation, toughness (even in warm weather and cold winter)
3). Silage Grass Film: Strong puncture resistance, resistance to puncture, good impact resistance, tear resistance.
4). Silage grass Film: Good sealing performance, blocking oxygen, air and moisture infiltration.
5). Silage Grass Film: The surface of herbage film is sticky, the film layer bonding between good sealing.
6). Silage Grass Film: Grass film opaque, to ensure low transmittance, to avoid heat accumulation.
7). Silage film: There is no hole when stretched, high load to maintain, packaging integrity.
8). Silage Grass Film: Consistent quality and thickness, the thickness of the film is uniform, long service life, packing good grass bundles can be placed in the wild for 1-2 years.
9). Silage Grass Film: Up to 180KLY protection grade, stability to prevent the damage caused by sunlight, especially ultraviolet rays, to ensure low light transmission and avoid heat accumulation.
10). Silage Grass Film: Guarantee high-quality film Standard. Including UV, perforation, adhesion and tensile dimension attributes (55-70%), and thickness properties.
11). Silage Grass Film: The specific properties specified to ensure that the grass film in the packaging process of good performance, protection and conservation of feed.
12). Silage Grass Film: Specially for the forage package efficiency and long-term can save valuable time.
13). Silage Grass Film: The three dimensions of compactness, strength and stiffness required for silage are ensured. Can be efficiently stacked with more grass parcels, and well kept in shape.

Quality Warranty:
SuperImage affords full quality warranty for our Silage films/grass wrapping films.
For any inferior quality products or loss caused by inferior quality papers products, SuperImage
Will be responsible for products-changing, returning and replacements delivery, as well as related compensation.

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