Name: HDPE Food Packing Bags Customize
Code: SI-FP-PE0020#
Spec: As per the request
Class: SuperFilms > Protective films
Info: Ref.:0.12USD/piece

Food packing bags customized
Mainly used as the inner and outter package of food.

The substrate materials can be food grade HDPE film.
1).1. Wide temperature range. HDPE film can make frozen food packaging, and can apply to the need to withstand sterilization by boiling (100 degrees resistance boiling process) bags.

2). With high mechanical strength. HDPE film is the best kind of polyethylene packaging film strength, tensile strength up to more than twice that of LDPE packaging films (20Mpa above), so using only HDPE packaging films can reduce the thickness, thereby reducing consumption, cut costs. Physical and mechanical properties of HDPE film parameters, see the following table (listed HDPE film thickness of 25 microns)
3). HDPE film has excellent moisture resistance and good oil resistance. HDPE film is the most commonly used packaging film best varieties aqueous, oil resistance was not as nylon and other barrier-type film, but the best varieties in the case of polyethylene film.

The main purpose food packaging films for a number of molding products, blow film wherein the extrusion molding, but also for food packaging, grocery bags, fertilizer lined film bags, edible packaging film, blown film for general industrial use garbage bags. In addition, there is a composite film can be used for food packaging films anti-infiltration and insulation..

The shown price is only for 1 piece (an example).
As per the different size,specificaiton,production workcrafts, thickness, order quantity, and request, the price is different.

Brand Name: SuperImage

Origial of Certification: Made In China
Country of Origin Main Raw Materials: Japan & USA

Certifications & Standards:

Top quality, Wide applicability, with RoHS standard & EN71 Safety Certification.
No odor, Really enironmental-friendly HDPE package film,ISO9001-9002 Standard,SGS certificated:

Main Points:
1). Excellent surface stiffness and transparent
2). Widely used as packaging film to packing all types of materials and stuffs.
3). Recycly used, environment-friendly types.

4). The heat sealing easy, can be repeated sealing.
5). Elongation, tear strength, impact strength and so high, it is very tough film, but it feels less stiff.
6). water resistance, moisture resistance, excellent chemical resistance.
7). colorless, tasteless, odorless.
8). A light, but with respect to LDPE and LLDPE are heavy.
9). At low temperatures, showing a very strong rigidity.
10). The heat resistance, good thermal stability than the LDPE.
11). In general with the increase of density, mechanical properties enhanced but the impact strength rather becomes smaller, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, blocking resistance, are improved dual sliding. In addition, the oxygen permeability, bulk taste of organic solvent vapor transmission properties are lowered, improve resistance to stress cracking, which has a very favorable material for packaging. On the contrary, the transparency is deteriorated, elongation and impact strength becomes low, molding processability deteriorates, heat sealability are deteriorated.
Transparency .
12). HDPE packaging film is significantly lower than LDPE packaging films. Due to the transparency HDPE packaging film is poor, affecting its application in many areas of packaging, but when you need a light-blocking film (without a translucent), may be added in less sunscreens HDPE film (such as titanium dioxide, carbon black) to obtain a translucent or opaque film.
13). HDPE rigid packaging film is better, poor flexibility. Since softness is poor, the film thickness must be limited, the maximum thickness of the HDPE packaging film (limit) is 0.10mm.
14). No harmful to body and environmental.
15).Consistent quality & reputation.

Qaulity warranty:
SuperImage affords full quality warranty for our HDPE package film
For any inferior quality products or loss caused by inferior quality papers products, SuperImage
Will be responsible for products-changing, returning and replacements delivery, as well as related compensation.

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