Name: Hot Welder
Code: SuperJet HW-3000
Spec: 1Set
Class: Signs Equipments > Hot Welder
Info: Easy use & high quality

SuperJet Hot Welder, also called Vinyl Welding Machine, Poster Heat Jointer, or Hot welding Machine. It can be used in bonding up disjunct posters, banners,flex, vinyls,etc products without glue.

♦ Product Code: SuperJet-HW3000

♦ Description:
   • Using powerful digital control for temperature and speed.
   • Swiss cole parts,including welding nozzles, motor,and mainboard.

Bond up disjunct flat painting surface made of heat-melted material, such as PVC cloth, PE fabric Canvas, outdoor poster banner,plastic surface, Sailcloth...etc.

Specification parameter:
1) Alternant electric voltage 220V/110V;
2) Upper limit power 2000W;
3) Adjustable work temperature 50-600 ;
4) Adjustable self-move speed 0.8-15M/per minute;
5) Whole weight 15 kilogram;
6) Size 400×300×300mm.




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