Name: Eco Sol Light Heat Transfer Paper
Code: SI-ST-SPP1104
Spec: 1roll/carton
Class: Print Paper > Heat Transfer Paper
Info: High quality & efficiency

Printers Compatibility:


Eco sol printers, or Converted Eco sol printers.

Inks Model: Eco sol inks/light eco sol inks.

Specification: 0.61*30m/Roll; 0.63*50m/Roll

Main Points: High adhevise/Unruffled/Good elastic/Nomral inks can be used/Consumable saved/Moreover, our sublimation paper can absorb print ink evenly and fully which make the transfer rate more than 95%.Specially the heat transfer quality is brilliant, stable and pretty. And no colors come off and fade.

Application; widely used in textile/bags/clothes/T shirts/Fabric/Metal/Glass/Wood/Ceramic/Porcelain/Plastic,etc.




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