Name: 6-IN-1 Multi-function Heat Press Machine
Code: SI-SU-HTM1109
Spec: 1set/carton
Class: Signs Equipments > Heat Transfer
Info: High quality & efficiency

All 6-IN-1 Multi-function Heat transfer machine

● Work Voltage: 110/220V
● Work Power:   1,200W
●Adjustable Temperature: 0-399oC

●Weight: 50kg
●Pack Size: 64X48X38CM
●Controllable Time: 0 - 999sec.
●Cup Diameter:7.5 - 9cm
●Plate Diameter: 11cm and 15cm
●Hat Diameter:80X150MM
●Heating Board Size:28x 38cm/15X20CM

6-in-1, Multi-function, T-shirt,Cups,Plates,Hats,can be done.

● Lift/Down controllabe, 360  turning available
● CPU control program built-in.
● Touch LCD Pad equipped, and unique design and control unit construction.
● Easy Install and operation, and quite convenient in changing heat parts.




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