Name: Epson NX Bulk Ink System
Code: SI-EP-BIS1205
Spec: 1set/box
Class: Bulk Ink System > Desktop CISS
Info: Permanent chips

Printers Compatibility:

Epson NX100
Epson NX115
Epson NX200
Epson NX215
Epson NX300
Epson NX400
Epson NX415
Epson NX510
Epson NX515

Ink Cartridges Compatibility:

Epson T0691
Epson T0692
Epson T0693
Epson T0694

Components and Accessories Included:

a. 5-color Refill bottles
b. 5-color Ink cartridges with perament chips equipped.
c. Full set of ink tubings connected well.

Ink Models: Aq dye inks, Aq pigment inks, Sublimation dye inks, Unviersal inks, Water transfer inks,etc can be used. SuperImage inks is recommended for use.

Main Points:
a. Excellent transparent PP materials used, with good durability.
b. The double-tank and constant pressure contruction in  refill bottles and ink cartridges, which guarantee the print fluent, easy and stable all along.
c. Professional Polyester Nylon film welding technoloiges adapted in refill cartriges and bottles, which guarantee no leaking and high seal and stability.
d. Top SuperImage inks can be afforded, which make printing fluent, never clogging.
e. Permanent chips(endless chips) equipped, which bypass the chips limits forever.

f.  Refill easily, and Operation conveniently, No cleaning needed.




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