Name: Roland Eco sol Inks
Code: SICT-RO-ES101
Spec: 1Liter/Bottle
Class: Normal Inks > Eco Solvent Inks
Info: No smell,original colors




♦ Compatibility list:
♦ Roland Versacamm SP300 SP540 SC500 SC540 SC545 SJ500 SJ600 SJ540 SJ640 SJ740 SJ645 SJ745 XC540
   Roland XJ540 XJ640 XJ740 XJ645 XJ745

♦ SICT-MS-ES101 Roland Eco Solvent Inks for good scratch-resistance and durability, with 24months outdoor 


♦ Raw Materials Grade: Japan Pigment, and home-made solvent, color materials and Resin used.

No smell, no odor, original colors system, No any icc or other adjustments are needed when chaning our eco sol inks.




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