Name: Roland Aqueous Pigment Inks
Code: SICT-RO-WP106
Spec: 1Liter/Bottle
Class: Normal Inks > Aqueous Inks
Info: High quality & stability
SICT-RO-WP106 Roland Aqueous Pigment Ink
Compatibility list: Roland FJ50 FJ52 FJ540 FJ740 CJ400 CJ500 CJ540                 
■ Light fastness is terms of blue-wool scale at 5-6 represents up to 25 years indoor.(SICT-WD- SERIES)
■ Light fastness is terms of blue-wool scale at 7-8 represents over 100 years indoor and 1 year outdoor with UV lamination. (SICT-WP- SERIES)
■ Jetting Stability: When used under proper filling procedure, the inks can be printed 
without degradation of print head performance.
■ Anti-Corrosive Properties: All inks have neutral anti-corrosive ingredients. This is
to ensure practically no abrasion or corrosion to the cartridge and helps to elongate
the life cycle of the cartridge.
■ Toxicity: All ingredients are TSCA listed -there are no heavy metals or hazardous
substance(see MSDS for further information).
■ Freeze-Thaw Stability: All inks will freeze completely after one hour of exposure at  the temperature range of -5 to 0 C. The inks will thaw out into a homogeneous, single phase liquid at room temperature(18-25 C). There will be no loss of properties in the process. It is suggested that a natural thawing process is to be adopted. Please do not force thaw-frozen ink.
■Anti-Clog Properties: These inks have anti-clog agents that help in preventing clogging in long printing modes..  




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