Name: Mutoh VJ1614/1618 Eco Solvent Inks
Code: SICT-MU-ES305
Spec: 1000ml/bottle
Class: Normal Inks > Eco Solvent Inks
Info: High stability and reliabiltiy


SICT-MU-ES305 Mutoh Eco Solvent Inks
Compatibility list: Mutoh VJ1614/VJ1618

SICT-MU-ES305 ink for vivid colors, more bright, and more brilliant. Outdoor Warranty 24months
Raw Materials Grade: Home-made pigment, resin, color materials and solvent used.

■ UV resistance superior or equal to similar products as shown by UV fading test.
■ High climate-resistant and outdoor warranty(Outside lifetime can reach 30 months).
■ Precision filtration warrants clogging-free operation.
■ Several color matching sets producing accurate colors and wide gamut.
■ Faster drying giving improved productivity.
■ Safe solvent for a better environment.

It is different from the Mutoh Rockhopper II/III,VJ1204/1304/1604,etc Eco solvent inks(Dx4/DX5). Mutoh VJ1614/1618 Eco sol ink is special DX6 generation eco sol inks, with higher fluency,and stability.

Comply with ROHS standard, and ISO9001-9002 certification, no smell, no odor, really environment-freindly products.




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