Name: Hp Z3100/Z3200 Refill Cartridges
Code: SICT-CISS-R504#
Spec: 12Piece/Box
Class: Cartridges > Refill Cart.
Info: Refill cartridges with chips

SuperFillTMBulk Ink System(CISS)-HP Z3100/Z3200 Reillable Cartridges

SICT-CISS-R504#: HP Z3100/Z3200 Refilalble Cartridges with perament chips cards

Compatibility Printers: HP Z3100/Z3200                                     
■ Excellent PE Environmental-friendly materials.
■ Durable and Recycled cartridges
■ Safe solvent for a better environment.
■ Plug & Play, easy operation.
■ Save time, and Money.





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