Name: Seiko 64s/100s Refill Cartridges
Code: SICT-CISS-R601#
Spec: 30Pieces/Box
Class: Cartridges > Refill Cart.
Info: High stability and reliabiltiy

1000ml Seiko 64s/100s Refill Cartridges

Compatibility Printers: Seiko 64s/100s

It is a "Plug & Play" Refill Cartridges. What you need to do is only insert the Refill Cartridges into the printer, then Refill inks into the empty ink cartridges from the filling hole.

The chip is installed in the chip slot, completely same to original Seiko 64s one-off ink cartridges. 6pieces/set. CMYK LC LM each one. For each refill cartridge, there is a paper box pack.

The advantage of the Seiko 64s Refill Cartridges;

1). Plug & Play, and install easily.

2). Low price, compared with permanent decoding box and multi-liter Refill cartridges

3). To change used chips conveniently




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