Name: Mutoh VJ1614/1618 Bulk Ink System
Code: SICT-MU-BIS606#
Spec: 1set/carton
Class: Bulk Ink System > Bulk Ink System
Info: High stability and reliabiltiy

Mutoh VJ1614/1618 Vertical style Bulk ink system

Printers Compatibility:

Mutoh VJ-1614/1618

Main Points:The system is composed of the following:

a. 8 pieces of refill bottles
b. the whole set of refill bottles stands.
c. 8 pieces of vertical style refill cartridges
d. 8 pieces of control valves with whorl
e. 8 pieces of bolts fix the tubings connecting with cartridges.
f.  8 pieces of seal washers for the botls
g. a roll of tubings, which can connecting the bottles and cartridges.
h. 2 pieces of C style angle steel for instation.
i.  4 pieces of fixed screws.
It is a vertical style refill cartridges, bulk ink system, different from the traditional system.




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